testo 922 – Differential temperature measuring instrument for TC Type K

Professionals in industry and trade value the compact differential temperature measuring instrument testo 922 for its versatility: it not only determines temperatures quickly and accurately, but also does a direct calculation of the differential temperature. And that’s in a wide measuring range from -50 °C to 1000 °C. This means that measurements can be completed […]

testo 110 – NTC and Pt100 temperature measuring instrument

testo 110 convinces every day in use. The fast temperature all-rounder can show its strengths particularly in applications in laboratories or in the food environment: The optionally available NTC or Pt100 probes cover a comprehensive range of measuring tasks and ensure exact results with particularly high accuracy. The digital Pt100 probes can also be calibrated […]

testo 338 – Diesel Smoke Test Meter with Bluetooth

Whether you are a technician servicing diesel engines, or a manufacturer who needs to provide proof of emission values – determining the smoke count is often part of your job. With the smoke tester testo 338, you are ideally equipped for the determination of the degree of blackening in diesel engines. The easy-to-operate, handy measuring […]

testo 316-2-EX – multi-purpose gas leak detector with explosion protection (ATEX)

With the gas leak detector testo 316-2-EX, you can carry out leak detection on gas fittings and heat pumps even more efficiently, thanks to the world’s first innovative 2-in-1 sensor for fuel gases and refrigerants. The ultimate professional instrument featuring the world’s first 2-in-1 sensor for gas fittings and heat pumps – perfect if you […]

testo 316-1-EX – gas leak detector with explosion protection (ATEX)

With the testo 316-1-EX, you can carry out leak detection easily and safely, even on larger systems and under increased safety requirements. The professional instrument for the fuel gas sector and for increased safety requirements. Certified explosion-proof thanks to explosion protection (ATEX, EU/EFTA). Additional functions such as fine mode and auto-identification of the typical gas […]

testo 316-1 – gas leak detector with flexible probe

The testo 316-1 gas leak detector makes it particularly easy to identify and locate leaks. The multicolor LED on the sensor head and the multicolor display, as well as the flexible probe for hard-to-reach places, support you intuitively and precisely in leak detection. If you like to keep things simple, we recommend the testo 316-1 […]

testo 316i – gas leak detector with flexible probe

With the testo 316i gas leak detector, you can locate leaks easily and precisely. The acoustic and visual alarm via the multicolor LED on the sensor head and the self-explanatory bar scale ensure simple leak detection. n addition, ppm values and even %LEL (lower explosive limit) can be called up and documented via the app. […]

Compact radar sensor for continuous level measurement VEGAPULS 21

VEGAPULS 21 is the ideal sensor for non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk solids in simple applications. It is particularly suitable for use in water treatment, storage tanks with acids, lyes and additives in all industrial areas, or for measuring levels in plastic tanks from the outside through the tank wall. In bulk solids […]

Radar sensor VEGAPULS 6X

VEGAPULS 6X is a universal sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids and bulk solids under all process conditions – hazardous or corrosive. Due to its application-oriented configuration and setup, VEGAPULS 6X offers a reliable and economical solution for all level applications. Due to its variable antenna systems, it ensures maintenance-free operation in all applications. The […]

testo 560i – Digital refrigerant scale with Bluetooth®

With the testo 560i wireless refrigerant scale, you can measure refrigerant weight quickly, precisely and conveniently. Use a Testo manifold and the testo Smart App on your smartphone/tablet for operation and measured value display after the scale has automatically connected to both via Bluetooth. Especially practical: with the scale and the separately available intelligent valve, […]